Surah Ali Imran - Key Notes

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Imam Imam ad-Dailami of Makhool said:  "Anyone who read the surah of Ali Imran on Friday, the angels seek forgiveness for him until the evening."

Also Imam Ibn Zanjawaeah of Imam Ibn Wahab Munabih explained:  "Anyone who read the surah al-Baqarah and Ali Imran on Friday night, for him is the light of the Throne and the Earth. "

Prophet Muhammad said, which means: "In three letters are Ismullah al-a 'Zham where if to pray to Allah if it is granted and then to apply fulfilled in the Surat al-Baqarah, initial letter and in the letter of Ali Imran Thana . Similarly, in Khawashil Quran.

The companions Uthman R.A. Imam ad-Darimi said of his companions Uthman ibn Affan which means:

\ "Anyone who read the letter al-Fatihah, verse Chair and two paragraph letter Ali Imran (ie) (Innafi qlfissamawati ... akhirissurati ILA) at night, he recorded an entire night praying. \"

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