PMA Successfully Wrapped the First Session of PEKA Science SPM 2019

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PMA Successfully Wrapped the First Session of PEKA Science SPM
Alhamdulillah, our second year students have successfully completed their Pentaksiran Kerja Amali Berasaskan Sekolah (PEKA) Science SPM 2019 at Ibnu Sina Biology Laboratory, SMA MAIWP kuala Lumpur on 2/7/19 (Tuesday) and 3/7/19 (Wednesday).
This is the first year that PEKA Science is being conducted in PMA. Objectives of the PEKA Science are: 
1. To develop scientific skills
2. To reinforce science's theory and concept
3. To cultivate scientific practice and good value among the students.
Apart from being able to handle the apparatus and materials by themselves, they also being exposed to safety rules and regulations in real laboratory space. These are very important in learning the science subject because experience and practice are equally significant as learning the theories. During the experiment session, they managed to accomplish three experiments within the required time:
1. Effect of impurities towards boiling point of distilled water - Form 4.
2. The heat changes in chemical reactions - Form 4.
3. Effect of the presence of acid and alkali on coagulation of latex – Form 5. 
Thanks are due to Al-Sheikh Al-Mudir, NM1 and NM2 for the support and encouragement given in ensuring that the program runs smoothly. Not forgetting school authorities from SMA MAIWP Kuala Lumpur for the coorporation and guidance given to us throughout the program. 
Hopefully the collaboration will take place again in the near future, insyallah.
Thank you.
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