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Surah Ali Imran - Key Notes

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Imam Imam ad-Dailami of Makhool said:  "Anyone who read the surah of Ali Imran on Friday, the angels seek forgiveness for him until the evening."

Also Imam Ibn Zanjawaeah of Imam Ibn Wahab Munabih explained:  "Anyone who read the surah al-Baqarah and Ali Imran on Friday night, for him is the light of the Throne and the Earth. "

Prophet Muhammad said, which means: "In three letters are Ismullah al-a 'Zham where if to pray to Allah if it is granted and then to apply fulfilled in the Surat al-Baqarah, initial letter and in the letter of Ali Imran Thana . Similarly, in Khawashil Quran.

The companions Uthman R.A. Imam ad-Darimi said of his companions Uthman ibn Affan which means:

\ "Anyone who read the letter al-Fatihah, verse Chair and two paragraph letter Ali Imran (ie) (Innafi qlfissamawati ... akhirissurati ILA) at night, he recorded an entire night praying. \"


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Advice play an important role in preaching. A father assumes the daunting task of maintaining happy family consisting of his wife and children. We were served by a great example in the Qur'an of how Luqman educate his children. There is a special chapter in the Holy Quran named after Surah Luqman.

Many Muslims do not know that the advice given by Luqman to his son, is a technical guidance for training children. If this technique is practiced daily, the children would be born as Muslim in faith and fear of Allah. Has generation be considered as a full moon illuminating the darkness of night. Dear parents, bequeath them to your children as testament taught by Luqman !

Dr.Wahbah Az-Zuhaili has said in his book \ 'Tafsir Munir \':

\ "Al Baidhawi has said that the name is actually Luqman Luqman bin Ba \ 'song. He was not a prophet, but the majority said that he was a man of wisdom. Wisdom is given to the advantages of his wits, cunning and a word or rejecting the issuance affects humans . his real name is (according to As-Suhaili) An \ 'am or Asykam or Matan or Tharan \ "

Abd.Rahman Hassan Al Maidani says in his book \ 'Fiqh Dakwah \' that there are 14 types of problems that can be learned through the story of Luqman to educate their children through \ "will \ '. So let us work together to assess the will containing 14 key issues for the Muslims after this.

U / P:

The following article is based on the translation and processed through the book by Dr.Wahbah Az-Zuhaili and Abd.Rahman Hassan Al-Maidani above.
For your convenience, please refer to the translation / interpretation of the Koran verses 13-19 of Surah Luqman.
First problem:

The first thing taught by Luqman to his son is not Shirk in Allah. It is mentioned in the will, that partners with Allah swt is a tremendous injustice. Why? Because it contains shirk against Rububiyatullah (Allah Almighty to preserve the universe) and shirk the Uluhiyatullah (There is no god but Allah). Or with other words, to Allah swt with other things that are also capable of protecting the universe, and to Allah swt with something else that also deserve to be worshiped. This is Shirk !!!

Although shirk against Uluhiyatullah lighter than shirk the Rububiyatullah, but Allah does not forgive those who die in such a case!

Shirk is the greatest injustice. Tyrants are not meant to put something in place that would have been. Again we would like to ask questions. Why Shirk said wrong? It was agreed, that the God who created the universe swtlah hosts. God in nature He lowered favor. Do feasible we equate the power of God in nature This is something that other power? If there is one man who equate Allah swt with another power he has done wrong !!!

God in nature only to be worshiped and adored because what he did was not able to do by other powers. But if the other eminent power, then it is wrong. where to put something in place that should not.

This is dealt with through verse 13 Surah Luqman says:

\ "O my son, do you associate with Allah. Verily, Allah associating it is a tremendous injustice. \"

Second problem:

Luqman taught his son to be thankful to Allah swt The above awards His blessings and countless many. And contains a sense of gratitude: beautiful reply and good deeds with deeds that are good and beautiful. Included in this is a sense of gratitude worshiping Him by performing rituals such as a ruler, draw closer to Him, demanding what pleases Him and praise Him and pray to confront themselves with the Almighty.

More public praise from grateful because the right distinctions were given to the hen was praised by the nature or properties of good. Hatta, who praised it does not do any good to praise. And warning \ 'thanksgiving \' to God in nature This is associated with a vengeance in the Last Day. In the event of thanksgiving to God Almighty, then it will get a reward and otherwise will recieve punishment for this crime and disobedience.

This is dealt with through verse 14 Surah Luqman says:

\ "And we have enjoined (command) on man kindness to his parents ... and thanks to me ... To me the place back. \".

Third problem:

Luqman educate their children so grateful to the parents in the laborious and cried sore raise and educate their children with all kinds of gifts and good for the child. Particularly to fulfill the rights of both mother. Because the mother struggled to suffer the onset of the pregnancy until childbirth, breast-feeding until the expiration of the expiration of the term of 2 years and older mentarbiyah day and night.

Indeed, obedience to parents, even different religions are mandatory unless told to do evil lingered and left their religious duties prescribed by Islam. So when it illegal to comply with the order.

Look at the level of gratitude (thanksgiving) which will be revealed by this. Thanks / gratitude to the parents come after thanksgiving to God Almighty. \ "Logic \ 'that thanks / gratitude first and foremost for Khaliq (Creator). After it was also followed for the creature that was preceded by his beloved parents.

This is explained by verse 14 Surah Luqman says:

\ "And we have enjoined (command) to man kindness to his parents. His mother bore him in weakness upon weakness, suffering and nursing divorce within 2 years. Be grateful to me and to your parents! To me return \"

Fourth problem:

Luqman educate their children by preventing her from obeying parent's call for urgent or associate Allah swt and all sorts of immoral acts forbidden by Allah swt

However, as a child, parents must be served, accompanied and was clocked in an atmosphere of happiness and love. Children must also do good to them as take care of financial affairs, respect and serve them.

This is explained by verse 15 of Sura Luqman says:

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