• The institution focuses on teachers who have wide experience for academic subjects.
  • Teachers for Islamic subjects are taken from Arab countries, such as Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi, and all suitable origins.
  • Teachers for overhearing Al-Quran recitation (tasmik) are those who have experience in Al-Quran subjects.
  • The teachers was called as Mualim, , Murabbi, Mursyid, Faqih, Usuli, Al-Allamah, and for each Thurasi subject (such as Usul Fiqh, Matan Jurumiah, etc) was lead by a teacher that is called Al-Syeikh. Meanwhile, the head of this institution is called Al-Syeikh Al- Imam because of using the approach of Al-Azhar Al-Syarif’s leadership.
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