Among the benefits of this 'Pondok' is:

  • Committed teachers with high integrity of knowledge.
  • Saudi and Middle East teachers who teach in in Arabic language.
  • The books taught are that of famous and final (Masyhur).
  • Memorizing system (Hafazan) and a clear understanding of the Tasawwur.
  • A complete Library (Maktabah).
  • Full support and guidance of S. S. Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan.
  • Full implementation schedule starting in the early morning to late evening.
  • Certificate award (Syahadah)

Advantage Modern Al-A'baqirah Institution over common religious schools and other 'Pondok' are:
‘Pondok Moden’ learning concepts are based on books of Turath and supported with academic learning. While the concept of learning at other schools and the traditional institutions are based on Azhari learning or academic syllabus.

The goal of modern cottage is designed to produce some future scholars and muftis who can interpret and analyze the issues and current problems based on rules and laws outlined by Islamic scholars and jurists in addition to excellent academic qualifications. They will also have a degree and PhD.

We have qualified teachers who teach the scriptures from cover to cover to finish a book (kitaab) and reciting a complete scripture.

Learning system scheduled as early as 5.00 am to 10.00 pm.

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