The idea of establishing this Islamic Institution in Federal Territory is connect the missing link between two systems that don’t always reconcile. Turathi system is more to traditional while the modern system is more knowledge-oriented and based on data collection. As a result, MAIWP took the initiative to establish this modern Islamic Institution on 16th August 2015.

Reasons why this Modern Islamic Institution should be established are:

  • To produce Faqih (those who understands the knowledge of fiqh) with a preacher traits and a preacher that is faqih.
  • The need to review the books of Turath in a way of modern transformation, and in the same time to uplift the characters and knowledge of the traditional scholars so that the blessings (barakah) of knowledge will always there and have an inference.
  • To set an example on the importance of realizing a workable education system in changing times; in optimizing the achievement and development of students that are eminently surpassing the level of common university students.
  • There is no such school in Kuala Lumpur federal territory, thus it is most important to establish this Modern Islamic Institution that enables the students to master various knowledge in Turath and modern teachings.
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