The objectives of the establishment of this institution are:

  • Producing holistic scholars that are specialized in knowledge of life and religion.
  • Fulfilling the Islamic specialist in various fields such as jurisprudence, akidah, akhlaq (tasawuf), muamalat and many more, besides reviewing the books of Turath in a modern and transformed way.
  • Generating “the Faqih that have a preacher’s soul and a preacher with a a Faqih’s soul” so that they fulfill the requirements to review the books of Turath in a transformed and modern form. In the same time, they uplift the characters and knowledge of the traditional scholars so that the blessings (barakah) of knowledge will always there and have an inference.
  • As the backup for Ashab Al-Samahah Mufti, syarie judges, and also consultant in all over Malaysia.
  • To shine bright in the Islamic world stage and bringing the characteristics and knowledge in the likes of Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Maulana Abi Hassan al-Nadwi, Dr. Wahbah al-Zuhaili and many more who are already been a star and source of light for today’s ummah.
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