perubahan1This Modern Islamic Institution of Al’Abaqirah was originally the idea of Sahibul Samahah Datuk Dr Zulkifli bin Mohamad Al- Bakri, the federal territory’s Mufti, as a result from the demand of the community as well as his intention to generate Islamic scholars that are specialized in both knowledge; worldly knowledge and also the knowledge of hereafter.

This idea was brought up in the establishment of the Modern Islamic Institution of Al’Abaqirah meeting, Num.1/2014 which was conducted by Sahibul Samahah Datuk Dr Zulkifli bin Mohamad Al- Bakri himself. This matter was then escalated up to the committee of Education Development and Dakwah (JKPPD), MAIWP meeting, after it was in agreement with all parties in the first meeting.

The committee of Education Development and Dakwah meeting Num.1/2014 was held on 5th November 2014. This meeting discussed about the proposal of the establishment of this Modern Islamic Institution of Al’Abaqirah, and also legitimizes it to MAIWP meeting.

In the establishment of this institution, a workshop had been successfully created in order to construct the syllabus and institution’s curriculum on 17 to 18 February 2015 that was attended by several representatives from the public and private educational institution, mainly the scholars and teachers.

In the mainframe of the establishment of this institution, MAIWP had make numerous visits in order to observe and collecting as much information so that the establishment of this institution will exactly meets the requirement and objectives. Among those visits are:

  • Visiting south of Thailand on 22nd to 25th February 2015. Among those places are Islamic Institution of Darul Furqan, Kampung Mundok Sungai Golok Narathiwat lead by A-Fadhil Fadhil Ustaz Ghazali bin Harun.
  • Tuan Guru Ismail Sepanjang Al-Fatoni at Kampung Dusun Sepanjang district of Penarik, Pattani.
  • Jam’iah Ulama’ Fatoni Darulssalam at Yala, where they have their own Islamic institution.
  • Ma’ahad Tarbiah Fatani School, administered by Dr Kamil.
  • Islamic institution of Lubuk Tapah and Rahmaniah, Kelantan
  • Modern Islamic Institution learning center, Bachok, Kelantan
  • On 10th-12th March, there is a visit to Gontor, Ponorogo, East Java, Indonesia to visit Modern Islamic Institution Darussalam Gontor, led by Kyai Hassan who is also the founder of the institution.
  • The visit continues to the university Darussalam, Gontor together with Rector Prof. Dr Amal Fathullah Zarkasyi, and the return visit to MAIWP was held afterwards.
  • On 16th August 2015, Modern Islamic Institution of Al’Abaqirah started to enroll 44 new students. Alhamdulillah that number stays until now. The Institution was supported by 9 teachers, including Syeikh Al-Mudir.

As a result of those visits, it is concluded that majority of those institutions are using the same methodology, which is using Turath (classic books). However some of them use a combination of Islamic knowledge and academic subjects. Alhamdulillah, on 23rd March 2015, there was the 131st MAIWP meeting num1/2015 at Masjid Wilayah, and this is where the proposal was approved.

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